Links to useful tools (mainly FREE Win32 console utilities)

All links working as of 2005-02-26 11:49 UTC.

Thanks to all those who have brought utilities to my attention. All links open a new window.

BLAT SMTP client.

CINT C/C++ Interpreter.
CMDOW Commandline window utility for manipulating windows.
CURL Transfer files from commandline using FTP/HTTP/TELNET and many other protocols.
DOCPROP Lists OLE document properties, part of the Outwit suite.
DUMPSEC Display permissions for files, registry, printers and shares.
EIC C interpreter.
FILELINK Give a file multiple names.
FPIPE TCP/UDP port forwarder/redirector. A real life-saver.
GAWK Text processor.
GETMAIL Download POP3 mail from the commandline.
I5COMP and I6COMP InstallShield CAB editor
IFMEMBER Determines group membership.
KIXTART Advanced logon script processor
KLOCKS Commandline utility to control the Num, Caps and Scroll lock.
MTEE Commandline standard stream splitter with unicode support.
MULTIRES Adjust display resolution/colours/refresh rate from commandline.
NC (Netcat) 'network swiss army knife'.
NCFTP Free scriptable commandline ftp client
NirCmd Automate various tasks from the command line
ODBC Queries relational databases, part of the Outwit suite.
PCI Reports on PCI, AGP & CardBus devices (I can't rate this util highly enough).
POWEROFF Like Shutdown from the Reskit, but also powers off.
PSTOOLS Admin tools, includes PSEXEC and PSKILL.
REGPERM Utility for setting and modifying registry permissions.
RESHACKER Edits Win32 .EXE resources.
REXX Regina Rexx.
SED Stream editor.
SETACL Set Windows NT/2000/XP permissions (DACLs) on virtually any object. Steep learning curve!
SHELEXEC Wrapper for the ShellExecute() API. Also see STARTX on the same page.
STARTX Wrapper for CreateProcess() API. From author of Shelexec.
TRUELAST Displays last logon time.
UNDERC C++ interpreter.
VNC (UltraVNC) Remote access software - the best version to date?.
WGET Retrieves files over HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
WINCLIP Access Windows clipboard, part of the Outwit suite.
XCACLS Displays or modifies access control lists (ACLs) of files.
XNET Manages services and shutdown/restarts (part of KiXtart)