Sanur Runas Automation Utility [v1.0.3.1]

About Sanur
Sanur is a tiny Win32 console utility that 'pipes' a password into the Windows 2000/XP/2003 Runas utility, thereby making Runas scriptable.

Sanur is freeware. There is no fee for personal or corporate use. For more details see the 'readme.txt' file included in

Pipe your normal Runas commandline into Sanur and specify the password on Sanur's commandline or use the /i switch to have Sanur read the password from a file:-

RUNAS <options> | SANUR password
RUNAS <options> | SANUR /i [drive:][path]filename

In otherwords, just add  | SANUR password  to the end of your working Runas command.

Pipe the password 'pa55w0rd' into Runas:-

runas /u:domain\username program.exe | sanur pa55w0rd

Pipe the password from the file named password.txt into Runas:-

runas /u:domain\username program.exe | sanur /i password.txt

Same as above but any Runas errors, such as a logon failure, will be displayed:-

runas /u:domain\username program.exe >&2 | sanur /i password.txt

As of 2005-01-11 Sanur is no longer supported. If you are having problems getting Sanur to work please read the troubleshooting AND the FAQ pages, or seek an alternative solution. Please don't send me any emails relating to Sanur.